Thermos Sippy Cup

If you have toddlers (aged 6 months or older), then you need a sippy cup, and the beauty of thermos sippy cups is that they keep milk warm, even when you are travelling with the babies.

Here are the best thermos sippy cups available:

Thermos Foogo Phases Sippy Cups

thermos sippy cup This sippy cup has a double-wall stainless steel interior and exterior, with colorful BPA-free accents on the outside base and the cap on top. It has a capacity of 7 ounces and should keep milk and other liquids warm for six hours (cold liquids will stay cool for six hours too). A leak-proof valve on the top controls what goes into the spout, which is soft and kind to baby gums. (Some people complain of leaks, and that’s because the lid is wet – make sure the lid is completely dry when you screw it on, so there is nothing in the spout or valve, and once screwed on, it should be leak-proof).

It comes with ergonomic handles that the toddler should find easy to grasp and hold. This sippy cup is safe in the dishwasher and comes with a five-year warranty.

You can get this in pink and purple, or in blue and yellow – see below:


Eco-Vessel Insulated Sippy Cup

eco vessel insulated sippy This is for toddlers aged 12 months old or older. The double-wall vacuum bottle is made of stainless steel inside and outside. Please note that this cup is for keeping liquids cool, not warm. The handle and neck are integrated and the spout is an BPA-free silicone Avent spout.

It is dishwasher safe and has a capacity of 10 ounces. It comes in two looks – Hudson Blue and Silver Express:

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