The Senseo Single Cup Coffee Maker

The Senseo Single Serve Coffee Maker (model number 7810) is neat compact coffee machine with a pleasing curved design.

senseo single serve coffee maker

It produces gourmet coffee based on Senseo pods – pre-measured units of coffee from Sara Lee’s Douwe Egberts coffee range. The machine has two pod holders – a shallow one that holds a single pod, and a deeper one that holds two pods (which you can use to make two consecutive cups of coffee, or one large cup of coffee).

The water reservoir can hold enough water to brew five four-ounce cups. Operation is simple – an on-off button, and the machine automatically shuts down after an hour. All the removable parts (drip trays, pod holders, reservoir) are dishwasher safe. The easiest way of cleaning it is to run water and vinegar through the process without a pod, to flush out anything that has accumulated, followed by a second run with clean water.

This machine brews at 1.2 bars of pressure so it can’t really make espressos, which require a much higher pressure to force water through the grounds (if you want espressos you are better off with a Keurig B70 or a Tassimo T65). However, it makes delicious cappuccinos and lattes.

It is considerably cheaper than the other single cup machines listed in the sidebar. However, the Douwe Egberts pods are slightly more expensive than the Keurig K cups, Tassimo T discs or Nescafe pods. Douwe Egberts are a famously high quality brand though. Before buying this I’d advise you to try Douwe Egberts coffee grounds in your existing machine, and if you like the flavor and their style of coffee, then go ahead and buy this machine.

This machine is designed by Phillips and comes with a limited two-year warranty.

Best prices – Amazon are currently selling it with free delivery:


senseo single cup coffee maker

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