The Keurig B70 & K75 Coffee Maker – Best Price

The Keurig B70 single cup coffee maker, is the premium model in the Keurig range. It utilizes Keurig’s unique “K-cup” system to produce a single cup of tea, coffee or hot chocolate at a time. The K cups take out all of the difficulty in deciding whether you have added the correct amount of coffee as they are all pre-measured. You can also get reusable k-cups, which you can fill with your favorite coffee brand.

This page shows you how it works, compares it to other brewers and tells you where you can get it for the best price.

keurig b70 best price

Here’s how it works: you fill the reservoir with water and open the lid on the top and insert the K-cup of your choice. Then simply select the brew option from five cup sizes. It takes four minutes to heat up and brew your drink.

(The cup sizes on offer are as follows: a small 5.25 ounce cup, a 7.25 ounce medium mug, a 9.25 ounce large mug, an 11.25 ounce travel mug and a 3.25 ounce iced beverage.)

Here is a video demonstration of how the Keurig works:


This machine is programmable, which means that you can organise for it to come on when you want, and also arrange for it to automatically shut off when you want. The water reservoir is blue-lit and contains 60 ounces of water (equivalent to 10 cups) and has a descale indicator. I recommend that when you fill the reservoir, you use filtered water as it should make your machine last longer and save you from descaling it.

The benefit of the Keurig over other single serve coffee makers is that you can either choose a pre-filled k-cup or a reusuable K-cup which you fill yourself with your favorite coffee and thus gives you more flexibility (unlike the Tassimo where you must use the pre-prepared discs). What is more, K cups come with lots of different brands of coffee – for example, you can get Starbucks k cups now. However the Tassimo is a more sturdy machine with less reported breakdowns (see the sidebar for information on the Tassimo) and it comes with a built in water filter.

Keurig have licenced their K cup technology to other coffee manufacturers such as Cuisinart and Breville, so if you want k-cups but a different brand, you can try them out. In my opinion the Keurig machines look sleeker than the Cuisinart and Breville versions.

Keurig have also introduced the Keurig K75, which has a bigger reservoir (72 ounces) and comes with a water filter kit (this is the only difference between the Keurig B70 and the Keurig B75).

Best prices: – Amazon are selling the Keurig B70 with free shipping. Below I’ve included the Keurig B75 and the Breville which also comes with free shipping but is considerably more expensive, plus the Cuisinart, so you can compare prices:


You can also get it on eBay:



keurig b70 coffee maker

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