Tea Infuser Spoon

Tea Infuser Spoons are great if you want to make loose leaf tea but don’t want to go to the trouble of filling a teapot and then straining the leaves. You simply put the leaves into the infuser spoon, close it and put it into your mug, and then add the hot water. Wait till you can see by the color that the tea has infused, and withdraw the spoon.

Here are the best tea infuser spoons on the market:

HIC Brands that Cook Tea Infuser Spoon

hic tea infuser spoon This is made of stainless steel and is dishwasher safe. It uses a spring mechanism to close, which is operated via a squeeze mechanism handle. It’s a much sturdier spoon than the RSVP spoon shown below. The perforated holes in the spoon are also about medium, so I recommend using bigger leaves when using this and not those that look like dust.

RSVP Standard Tea Infuser Spoon

RSVP tea infuser spoon This infuser spoon is also made from stainless steel and has a spring closure to hold the spoon closed. It is 6.25 inches long and can hold enough tea for an 8 ounce mug.

To get the best out of this spoon, don’t overfill it. It also works better with leaves that are not ground too fine (the best quality leaves are big anyway, the fine stuff is the dust left over).

Trudeau Silicone Tea Infuser & Cup Lid

trudeau silicon tea infuser and lid In this set you get one tea infuser and one cup lid – they can’t guarantee which color you get, it’s random (they come in red, yellow and orange). Because the tea infuser is made of silicon it’s like a bendy spoon. The leaves go into the berry and the “handle” drapes over the side of your cup. The other benefit of silicon is that it doesn’t rust.

Both the infuser and the lid are heat resistant to 450F and can go into both the microwave and dishwasher – so you can put the berry into a mug of cold water and microwave the whole thing, which makes it perfect if you are using this at work. Again, this spoon works best with big quality leaves – don’t use it for the cheaper “dust”. The lid is really a little plate to lay your berry onto once you have finished.

This little infuser set made it into Oprah’s magazine as one of her favorite things. It’s a cheerful way to brew a cup, particularly if you are infusing on the go and use the microwave to heat your water. Though I guess it might be a bit girly for men!

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