Staub Teapots

Staub cookware doesn’t just make cast iron dutch ovens, they make cast iron tea kettles as well, called La Théière teapots.

staub teapot
As you can see from the picture, these are nicely rounded cast iron teapots, which have been enamelled to protect the iron and give it a hard-wearing non-stick finish. The cast iron means that this teapot is much heavier than comparable glass or ceramic teapots. However the cast-iron does keep the water hot for longer.

The bottom of the Staub teakettle is flat which means it goes nicely onto stove surfaces, including induction hobs. The lid is a circle that includes the protrusion that goes over the spout – once you’ve put the lid in place, the stainless steel handles then hold it where it is (the handles fold down when you need to remove the lid).

Because the mouth of the teapot is pretty big, it is easy to clean. It’s capacity is 0.75 quarts.

Please note that this is not a whistling teapot, and the handles get pretty hot, so you need to use oven gloves when handling. Staub teapots are made in France.

You can get them with free shipping in a variety of colors:

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Staub is a French brand that started in the 1970’s.

staub teapot

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