Presto 6 Quart Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker

Presto have been making pressure cookers for years – in fact they invented the modern saucepan version of the pressure cooker, making the first one for ordinary households in 1939, and then making an electric pressure cooker in 1949.

The Presto 6-Quart Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker pictured left (model number 01362) is the saucepan version.

This is a sturdy pot with a heavy duty lid that locks in place during cooking. There is the familiar overpressure vent at the top, and the handle is made of cool-to-touch plastic.

This pressure cooker is a handy size for families, and comes with rack for steaming food or canning. They include a recipe book along with the instruction booklet so you never run out of ideas for meals to cook in your pressure cooker. This pressure cooker comes with an impressive 12 year warranty.

Many people will be wondering whether to opt for the slightly cheaper aluminum version of this pressure cooker – what’s the difference between a stainless steel pressure cooker and an aluminum one? As the name implies, stainless steel does not get stained by food cooked within it, aluminum does. More seriously, stainless steel does not react in any way with food. By contrast aluminum reacts with acidic foods – such as tomatoes – and you end up with pock marks in the metal – and yes this is down to the aluminum dissolving and leaching out into the food. The only time it’s safe to use aluminum in cooking pots is when it is in a tri-ply pot, sandwiched in-between layers of stainless steel (or other metals).

Amazon are selling this stainless steel pressure cooker with free shipping – see below. I’ve included the price of the aluminum pot (which also comes with free shipping) just so you can see that the stainless steel version is not that much more expensive:

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