Ozeri Touch II Digital Kitchen Scale

The Ozeri Touch II Digital Kitchen Scale is an ultra thin digital scale made from black reflective tempered glass.

Ozeri touch ultra thin digital kitchen scale This scale is operated by touch (it incorporates latest generation GFX sensors) and has an easy to read backlit LCD display.

It measures both American weights (ounces and pounds) and metric units (grams and kilograms) with an 11 pound capacity. There is a tare function so that you can subtract the weight of the container the ingredients are in.

It comes with two lithium button batteries which are removable (the scale has an openable battery compartment so you don’t have to mess about with screwdrivers), and it has an energy-saving shut-off feature after 1 minute to save battery life. You also get a warning when the battery power is low.

The real value of this scale is it’s simplicity. The tempered glass makes it tough, yet very easy to wipe clean – food doesn’t get stuck in difficult to get at places – and the thin design (it’s as slim as an iphone) means you can stack it away in a cupboard or drawer when not in use.

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