Olive Wood Kitchen Utensils

Olive wood is a dense hard wood that makes very tough and durable cooking utensils. If you cook using non stick pans, you need wooden utensils to protect the surface, and olive wood spatulas and spoons are a good choice as they withstand heat well. They are eco-friendly too – olive trees need to be regularly pruned, and the utensils are hand-carved from pruned wood.

Here are some of the best olive wood kitchen implements available:

Set of Five Olive Wood utensils by Naturally Med

naturally med olive wood spatulas

This set of five consists of a cooking spoon, a salad serving spoon, a salad server fork, a splain spatula and a slotted spatula.

They are 12 inches long, and need to be hand-washed.

This is a well-made sturdy set with a beautiful grained look to the spatulas.

Olive Wood Spatula by Eddingtons

eddingtons olive wood spatula This is a 12 inch spatula, made in Italy from aromatic olivewood (you can actually smell the fragrance of the wood).

Please note this spatula is not entirely flat, it has a slight curve to it, which means you should be able to use it as a spoon when scooping to taste what you are cooking.

Olive Wood Spoon by Bérard

olive wood spoon This spoon measures 11.7 inches and is handcrafted in France from a single piece of olive wood.

It’s been satin finished to give a smooth sturdy feel to the spoon. Bérard is a French firm that is located in northern Provence and has been going since 1892, specialising in hand-crafted wooden kitchen utensils.

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