Mr. Coffee Single Serve Coffee Maker

The Mr. Coffee Single Cup BVMC-KG5 Brewing System, is based on Keurig’s K-cup technology – which means you can use pre-prepared K cups to brew coffee, tea or chocolate in this machine.

Mr coffee single cup coffee maker

This machine is similar to the Keurig B70 coffee maker, except it is less expensive.

Here are the main differences of the BVMC-KG5 compared to the Keurig B70: The water reservoir contains twenty-four ounces of water, which is enough to brew two standard cups of coffee. (The Keurig B70 holds 60 ounces).

Because of the smaller water reservoir, you don’t get the choice of cup sizes (with the Keurig B70 you can brew a small, medium and large cup size), with the BVMC-KG5, you get two brewing options, 6 ounce and 10 ounce. If choice of cup size is important to you, get the Keurig B70 (click the link in the sidebar for details). There is no temperature setting, it’s one level of hotness to fit all. The operation of the machine is simpler too, it’s a one button operation. This machine is small, neat and less heavy than the Keurig B70 – there is nothing fancy about it, but you really get value for money. It takes standard k-cups, which come in over 200 different flavors.

This comes in two colors, black and red. It has a removable drip tray (so you can insert travel mugs) and comes with 5 flavors of k-cups ready to use.

Amazon are selling this for quite a lot less than the Keurig B70 (it is similarly priced to the keurig b31, which has a smaller reservoir), with free delivery.


mr coffee single cup coffee maker

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