Long Term Food Storage Containers

Everyone needs to store some emergency food in the house for those occasions when you can’t go to the shop because you are ill, or are snowed in, or otherwise indisposed. The best long term supplies are dried foods like rice, lentils and beans. You need to store them in airtight containers (so they won’t deteriorate) and in secure containers so that insects such as weevils can’t get at them.

Here are the best long term food storage containers available.

1 Gallon Mylar Bags with Oxygen Absorbers

mylar bags These bags have an FDA approved sealant layer. Simply fill them with rice or grains, add the oxygen absorbers (included in this pack), and the press out the air.

You then seal by simply running a hot iron over the end of the bag (or use a hair straightener if you wish). Mylar are confident enough about this product to say you can even store items like salt and spices in these bags.

Once you have sealed your bag, store it a food bucket in a cool place (the pantry or cellar). You can reseal the bag with an iron again after opening it. You get 60 1-gallon bags in the pack below:


5 Gallon White Buckets with Lids

5 gallon white bucket with lid This is a set of three buckets of 5 gallon capacity each. They are all made with heavy-duty food-grade BPA-free plastic, and they are opaque (i.e. light will not penetrate). The lids are lipped, to make it easy to stack the buckets, and the handles are metal with a plastic grip.

You can store food directly in these buckets, but I prefer to seal the food in the mylar bags shown above, and then store the sealed Mylar bags in the buckets (that way you definitely make sure the food won’t oxydize).

Please note, once sealed, the buckets can be hard to prise open. It’s worth investing in a bucket lid wrench to help you open them. I’ve shown both below:


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