Fagor Cast Iron Dutch Ovens

The Fagor dutch oven range was designed by Michelle Bernstein, a Miami chef who owns two restaurants and has been featured on national TV.

fagor dutch oven
Fagor dutch ovens are made from cast iron and then coated with multiple layers of enamel which is tough enough to resist chipping – they have a white color inside and a choice of blue, rioja red and lemon-lime on the outside. The enamelling protects the cast iron, and is also non toxic and non stick, making the pots easy to clean.

Fagor dutch ovens have an oval shape with nice big handles (that can easily accommodate a man’s hand) on either side making them easy to lift. The lids are heavy to ensure a snug fit. They are safe to use both in the oven (to 500F) and on stove-tops and they come with a set of Michelle Bernstein recipe cards.

You can get the Fagor dutch oven in two versions – the 5.5 quart oven (as in the picture) and sets of 4 mini dutch ovens (0.25 quarts each).

The benefit of the Fagor minis is that they are lightweight and easy to lift. If you are cooking for just yourself or making small servings of different dishes, they are a better more versatile option than the 5.5 quart version.

Both are currently available with free delivery

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Fagor are a Spanish brand which has gone global.

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