Fagor 5 Piece Pressure Cooker Set

If you want a saucepan set that combines with a pressure cooker set, the Fagor 2-in-1 5-Piece Pressure Cooker Set is pretty much perfect.

Fagor 5 piece pressure cooker set

Also known as a “duo-combo” set, here’s what you get in the box:

* two stainless steel cooking pots with an aluminum base for heat conductivity – one 8 quart and one 4 quart

* an inter-changeable pressure cooker lid that fits both pans (so both pots can be used as pressure cookers)

* a tempered glass lid that fits both pans (so both can be used as normal saucepans or stockpots).

* a stainless steel steamer basket with a support trivet

* a full color recipe book and an instruction manual

This is a stove top pressure cooker and it works on all types of cooking surfaces – electric cookers, gas cookers, cookers with ceramic tops and so on. When pressure-cooking, the handle locks in place so that you cannot open it while it is hot and the pressure is high, and there is a visual pressure indicator and an automatic release valve.

The stainless steel interior makes it easy to clean (they recommend hand washing), and you get a ten year warranty with this set. Note these are sturdy pans with a bit of weight.

If you do a lot of normal cooking in addition to pressure cooking, then this is the perfect all in one set for you, as the size of the pots are adequate for most families, and when pressure-cooking, you can pick the size that suits what you are cooking best. It also makes a nice house warming gift.

Amazon are selling this with free shipping.

Fagor are a Spanish based company with branches across the world, including in the USA. They have some free pressure cooker recipes on their website – see here

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