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Tea Infuser Stick

Why would you use a tea infuser stick rather than an infuser ball or spoon? The answer is that the sticks are easier to fill and easier to clean. Here are the best tea infuser sticks on the market: Gamila Tea Infuser Stick Gamila’s teastick was practically the first tea infuser stick available. It has […]

Tea Infuser Spoon

Tea Infuser Spoons are great if you want to make loose leaf tea but don’t want to go to the trouble of filling a teapot and then straining the leaves. You simply put the leaves into the infuser spoon, close it and put it into your mug, and then add the hot water. Wait till […]

Tea Infuser Balls

The beauty of tea infuser balls is that you can use them in teapots as well as in individual mugs. Because they are on a chain, they are easier to manoeuvre than tea infuser spoons. Here are the best tea infuser mesh balls available: Swedish Traditions Mesh Ball This is a 2 inch mesh ball, […]

Glass Teapots

If you enjoy making flowering teas, then a glass teapot is a must, as it displays the magical unfurling of the tea-flower to perfection. The teakettle pictured left is by Grosche, a Canadian company that specialises in making glass teapots and glass tea kettles. All their tea kettles are made from tough thermal borosilicate glass […]

Staub Teapots

Staub cookware doesn’t just make cast iron dutch ovens, they make cast iron tea kettles as well, called La Théière teapots. As you can see from the picture, these are nicely rounded cast iron teapots, which have been enamelled to protect the iron and give it a hard-wearing non-stick finish. The cast iron means that […]

Prodyne Fruit Infusion Pitcher

This 93 ounce fruit infusion pitcher by Prodyne is designed to make cool fruity summer drinks from fresh or frozen fruit. The pitcher has a wide tube or rod in the middle where you can place fruit such as fresh or frozen raspberries or citrus slices. As you can see from the picture, the tube […]