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LEM Stainless Steel Electric Meat Grinder

The only way to make sure you are using the best cuts of meat, even when making burgers, is to grind your meat yourself and for this you need a good quality meat grinder. (If you buy ready minced meat from a supermarket, you have to expect that they will have included all sorts of […]

Panasonic Meat Grinder

This white Panasonic meat grinder (model number MK-G20NR-W) is one of the more reasonably priced of the electric meat grinders. It comes with three cutting plates (fine, medium and coarse) which are made of carbon steel, plus an attachment to help you make sausages. Because it is entirely made of steel, it’s pretty heavy, but […]

Waring Pro Meat Grinder

The Waring Pro Meat grinder (model no MG-800) is designed to be as close to a professional meat grinder as you can get for a home kitchen. Housed in a brushed stainless case, it has a powerful 450 W motor, allowing it to process venison and most other meats. The motor has a reverse function […]