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Turbo Ovens

Which is the Best Turbo Oven? Before we answer that, here is some information on what a turbo oven is and how they work. They are sometimes known as Halogen Cookers, Convection Ovens or Infrared Ovens. Convection ovens work by fanning hot air (hence the word “turbo”) so that the heat is distributed uniformly (unlike […]

Calphalon Electric Digital Convection Oven

This Calphalon Convection oven is the high-performance extra large oven, (it can hold a 13 inch by 9 inch pan). It has two elements at the top and bottom and uses a convection fan to distribute heat evenly in the oven. There is also an “opti-heat” system of internal sensors that are designed to deliver […]

Best Hot Plates

Hot plates were invented about 40 years ago for those who wanted to keep fondue pots hot when they had guests or just wanted to heat up food quickly (this was before the microwave). They have revived as a new generation has discovered how convenient they are if you are travelling, camping or if you […]