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Best Japanese Lunch Box

Japanese lunch boxes are also known as Bento Boxes, and are the traditional Japanese way of carrying food to work or school. They’ve now been modernised – some are microwavable, and others have thermos insulation, which keeps food warm. Here are the best Japanese lunch boxes on the market today: Zojirushi Mr. Bento Stainless Steel […]

Best Soup Thermos Containers

When winter comes round, nothing warms you up better than hot soup, so a thermos for soup is a must if you are travelling or if you simply fancy something warm for lunch. But which is the best soup thermos flask available? This page aims to answer that question. Thermos Stainless Steel Food Jar They’ve […]

Vacuum Food Storage

By removing oxygen when storing foodstuffs, you can extend the shelf-life of the food you are storing. For example, meat will normally last about six months in the freezer, but if you vacuum seal the meat first and then freeze it, it can last up to two years. Vacuum sealing is also good for storing […]

Thermos Sippy Cup

If you have toddlers (aged 6 months or older), then you need a sippy cup, and the beauty of thermos sippy cups is that they keep milk warm, even when you are travelling with the babies. Here are the best thermos sippy cups available: Thermos Foogo Phases Sippy Cups This sippy cup has a double-wall […]

Best Glass Storage Containers

When it comes to storing leftovers, glass containers are always safer than plastic. Glass is inert which means it doesn’t react in any way to the food within it. Modern glass storage containers are flexible enough to go into the oven and microwave as well as fridge and freezer – here is a selection of […]

Long Term Food Storage Containers

Everyone needs to store some emergency food in the house for those occasions when you can’t go to the shop because you are ill, or are snowed in, or otherwise indisposed. The best long term supplies are dried foods like rice, lentils and beans. You need to store them in airtight containers (so they won’t […]