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Staub Dutch Ovens

Staub dutch ovens are the chief rivals to Le creuset dutch ovens. Staub was founded in the 1970’s by a famous Michelin starred chef called Paul Bocuse, who led the movement that invented nouvelle cuisine. These dutch ovens or cocottes (small casserole dishes) as they are known as, are an improvement in many ways over […]

Lodge Dutch Ovens

Lodge make two types of cast iron dutch ovens: porcelain enamel dutch ovens that are designed to be used in a kitchen, and camp dutch ovens designed to be used outdoors on a camp fire. We look at both on this page. Lodge Porcelain Enamel Dutch Ovens The enamel dutch ovens, like the one in […]

Fagor Cast Iron Dutch Ovens

The Fagor dutch oven range was designed by Michelle Bernstein, a Miami chef who owns two restaurants and has been featured on national TV. Fagor dutch ovens are made from cast iron and then coated with multiple layers of enamel which is tough enough to resist chipping – they have a white color inside and […]

Le Creuset Dutch Ovens

Le Creuset are famous for their enamelled cast iron cookware, and especially for their Dutch ovens (though they like to call them French ovens!) These ovens are hand cast in Northern France; the molten iron is carefully poured into a sand mold, and once it has cooled, the mold is destroyed and the cast iron […]

Calphalon Dutch Ovens

Calphalon make a wide range of dutch ovens, from traditional enamelled cast-iron versions to a stainless steel version and a hard anodized dutch oven range. Calphalon Stainless Steel Dutch Ovens This dutch oven is made of aluminum sandwiched between stainless steel layers at the top and bottom. The aluminum is there for heat conduction, and […]

Cuisinart Dutch Ovens

Cuisinart refer to their dutch ovens as casserole pots (the French version of the name). These pots are part of their Chef’s Classics range. They are made of heavy-duty cast iron, and are porcelain enamelled both inside and outside. The inside is enamelled in a white color, and the outside comes in two shades – […]