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EatSmart Digital Kitchen Scales

EatSmart make three popular digital kitchen scales – the Precision Pro, the Precision Elite and their Nutritional Scale. Let’s start with the Precision Pro Digital Kitchen Scale . This is an accurate but lightweight scale that can measure food as small as one gram and as much as eleven pounds. You can either place the […]

Norpro Digital Kitchen Scale

The Norpro Digital Food Scale (model number 8633) is a sturdy piece of equipment with a stainless steel base and a tough tempered glass platform on top where you can weigh your food – the overall effect is sleek, modern and functional. It is a sensitive high precision kitchen scale, which can measure food up […]

Ozeri Touch II Digital Kitchen Scale

The Ozeri Touch II Digital Kitchen Scale is an ultra thin digital scale made from black reflective tempered glass. This scale is operated by touch (it incorporates latest generation GFX sensors) and has an easy to read backlit LCD display. It measures both American weights (ounces and pounds) and metric units (grams and kilograms) with […]

Soehnle Flip Digital Kitchen Scale

The Soehnle flip digital kitchen scale is a cool modern looking scale that is incredibly thin (just 0.6 inches high) and therefore easily stored away. The weighing surface is flat and made of easy to clean tough tempered glass, and has a diameter of 7.87 inches (20 cm). It is operated with sensors that respond […]

Biggest Loser Digital Food Scale

To get the most out of the Biggest Loser cookbooks and recipes, you really need a good nutritional scale that tells you exactly what is in the food you are going to cook. Luckily, in conjunction with Taylor, they’ve put out a Biggest Loser glass top nutritional scale. The scale has a capacity of 3 […]

Digital Glass Kitchen Scales

Glass digital kitchen scales are easy to keep clean (you just wipe them after use), and look sleek, pleasing and are an aesthetically attractive addition to the modern kitchen. This page lists the best glass digital kitchen scales on the market at the moment. Soehnle Digital Kitchen Scale The Soehnle Digital Kitchen Scale is a […]