Bosch Tassimo T20 Single Serve Coffee Brewer

The Bosch Tassimo T20 Single Cup Coffee Maker is one of the smaller Tassimo machines in the Bosch range.

bosch tassimo t20

The main difference between the Tassimo T20 on the one hand and the Tassimo T65 on the other is that this machine has a smaller water tank, holding 51 fluid ounces instead of 67 fluid ounces.

It also does not have a built in water filter or the advanced LCD display of the larger machines. Other than that, it works like a standard Tassimo brewbot: it has a removable drip tray with two height options, the auto descaler, the quick brewing time, the silent motor function and of course it makes the hot beverages with a variety of tassimo T-disc brands, using the bar-code to control the water temperature and amount of water used to tailor each cup to the brand of coffee in the disc.

tassimo t20

One distinctive feature of the Tassimo T20 is that you can customise the look of the machine with color accessory kits in red black blue and yellow for a small extra cost (you buy the kits separately).

See the picture left for an idea of what it looks look like with the color kit in.

If you are looking for a more compact machine, or like the bright colors, then this is the brewbot for you. Otherwise you may want to take a look at the review of the Tassimo T65 to get an idea of what the larger machine can offer.

Amazon are selling this with free delivery. Note that if you want the color kits, you need to add them to the basket as well (the options will show up on the page below once you click through)


I recommend that after you have bought the machine, you register it with tassimo direct (the manufacturer’s website) – they are sending out two free packages of T-discs to those who do. Click here to register.

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