Best Wall Ovens 2018, GE Cafe or Samsung ?

Wall ovens can help you a lot in making the best out of your kitchen space while at the same time providing you with an excellent fireplace for all of your cooking. Ovens can consume quite a lot of space, hence the need for a “space conscious oven,”. Such an oven will help you plan your kitchen area better. The following is a list of the best wall ovens that you will easily find on Amazon. With this list to help you in deciding, you will have an easier time identifying which one suits you the best.

GE Café CT9050SHSS

GE Cafe CT9050SHSS 30" Single Electric Wall Oven with 10-Pass Bake Element, in Stainless Steel.

Price: $2,423.00

5.0 out of 5 stars (2 customer reviews)

3 used & new available from

GE has brought smart technology into our kitchens with the 30 inch techy filled wall oven. Coming off as our overall best, the oven comes with voice control technology that allows you to cook by giving voice commands. The oven allows you to regulate the temperature. It has a notification lighting that will allow you to check the time left to cooking.

The oven comes with all mastery in broiling and roasting, and this makes it steal the show from all wall ovens with its price range. It also comes with a remote control feature and even has a clean steam option. With an auto recipe conversion, it also has a direct air convection system. It’s a single door drop down oven that comes off as steam clean.

DCS WODV30 30”

DCS WODV30 30" Stainless Steel Electric Double Wall Oven - Convection

Price: $3,250.00

(0 customer reviews)

3 used & new available from $3,250.00

The DCS comes of a stainless steel double door wall oven that comes off as one of the low budget DCS wall ovens. The oven features a 4.0 cubic feet True Convections Ovens. It is a self-cleaning oven with 10 cooking modes provided. The oven also has 3 halogen lights which allow visibility for what happens in the oven. It also comes with an included cooking probe on offer. The electric oven offers a telescopes system of shelves that allow and comes with true convection. A bake tray is also included as one of the oven provisions.

You can easily make a pizza, roast or broil whatever food you want. It is designed to accommodate removable side racks that can allow for multi-level cooking. The oven also has inclusions for a boil and roasting system which has been made to reduce the splattering and a meat probe that can automatically stop cooking. It also has digital microprocessors which check the temperature thus ensuring that the precise heat is maintained. It comes with a 4 way convection system that allows for even heat distribution in throughout the oven.

GE Café CT9070SHSS 30”

GE Cafe CT9070SHSS 30" Single French Door Electric Wall Oven with Self-Clean in Stainless Steel

Price: $3,590.00

4.8 out of 5 stars (10 customer reviews)

5 used & new available from

It comes as a 30-inch Single French door Electric Wall Oven. The oven is full of features and its performance is on the top. It offers 7 cooking modes with a spacious 5.o cubic feet capacity. It has a glass touch display that couples with a Sabbath mode. The oven comes off as one of the limited editions from GE. The oven comes with an auto recipe conversion, Direct Air Conversion system, a conventional multi rack and with options for crisp, high – low broil, meat probe and proof mode.
The oven allows for smart control with a Wi-Fi connectivity to your phone. It offers a notification status to help you know of your oven functions and ensures easy bakes with the True European Convection.

Jenn-Air JJW2330WS 30”

Jenn-Air JJW2330WS 30" Stainless Steel Single Electric Wall Oven

Price: $1,895.00

(0 customer reviews)

1 used & new available from $1,895.00

It’s a stainless steel single electric wall oven with a 4.3-inch Full-Color Menu- Driven LCD
It comes off with 2 highly luminous halogen lights that permit for your visibility while cooking.
It also has an 8- Pass Recessed broil element with a custom self-cleaning, adjustable levels and automatic locks. The oven offers a robust 4.5 cubic feet capacity for the oven with a My Creations Programming. Convenience features that come with this oven are: a cook and hold option, a delay cook and clean, a keep warm feature and a Sabbath mode.

Samsung Appliance NV51K6650DG 30”

The Samsung Wall Oven comes as a 30-inch double door Electric cooktop with 5 radiant heating elements. It has a rapid boil, sync burners, Dishwasher safe and Blue LED knobs. It also has a hot surface indicator and Wi-Fi connectivity which allows for use with your phone. The oven has a dual Fan True convection cooking which combines with easy steam cleaning. The oven offers a whopping 10.2 cubic feet oven space. The oven has an electronic touch display, and the Wi-Fi enables for temperature probe. The rapid heating technology ensures that you cut more than 15 minutes of waiting for your oven to heat up. It has a fortified safety precaution that keeps your family safe with a control lock. This control lock prevents you from mistakenly turning the oven off and causing an accident.

Bosch HBN8451UC 800 27”

Bosch HBN8451UC 800 27" Stainless Steel Electric Single Wall Oven - Convection

Price: $2,154.00

4.0 out of 5 stars (1 customer reviews)

9 used & new available from $1,749.00

The oven is a stainless steel electric single wall oven with a European convection heating system.
This oven comes off as our last on the list. The oven has superior features that are quite unmatched. It offers 12 cooking modes, a meat probe, a telescopic rack and a Star- K certification. The oven has a fast preheating capability, and it comes with a fast, clean Eco Clean Self Clean system. The oven space is much smaller offering a 4.1 cubic inch oven space.

The oven has a touch control system with touch buttons made of steel to operate easily on the oven. The doors are made of dampened hinges which allow for a smooth, close door and shut process. It can easily be flush installed onto your cabinetry. It has some custom cooking modes and a genuine European Convection that enables even baking on the multiple racks. It also permits temperature conversion for convection cooking. It has an Eco clean 2-hour cycle for self-cleaning.

The telescopic rack of this oven enables safe reach to the oven space. It also comes with oven lights which save you from repeatedly opening your oven to check on your cooking progress. The window on the door provides enough space for you to monitor your cooking.

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