Best Hardwood Cutting Boards

The safest types of cutting boards are those which have such a hard surface that you don’t get knife marks on it – hardwood cutting boards fit that criteria. (Knife marks allow bacteria to grow in the grooves created).

Here are the best hardwood cutting boards available:

Hard Maple Cutting Board

maple cutting board As you can see, this maple cutting board is raised so that you can slide a plate underneath it, to make it easier to transfer what you have chopped.

The board is 14 inches by 11 inches and the feet underneath are non-slip rubber.

It comes with an oil finish, but be sure to season it with mineral oil before using to protect it.


Kohler Countertop Hardwood Cutting Board

kohler hardwood cuttng board This is a counter top cutting board that fits neatly over your kitchen counter by the sink (the benefit of it is that it stays put and doesn’t move as you chop).

It is 18 inches by 16 inches and pretty solid (it is about 2 inches thick and quite heavy), and comes with a one year limited warranty.

For best use, oil the board with mineral oil as soon as you purchase it, to ensure that the surface is protected and doesn’t warp.


Madeira Provo Teak Cutting Board

madeira teak cutting board This cutting board is made from teak from South America. It’s an extra large board with length of 20 inches, but the thickness is 0.8 inches. The board has a “well” groove built in to capture any meat juices released when cutting.

They recommend you oil it thoroughly before you start using, with a mineral oil. This is an exceptionally beautiful looking cutting board that should add to the look of rustic style kitchens.

Maple and beech cutting boards tend to be self-healing and will not develop scratches. They are also less stressful to knives, and won’t dull them.

Reference: for the study showing that bacteria tends to die and disappear much quicker on wooden boards compared to plastic boards, click here.

Caution: Never use vegetable oils to season your chopping board – they tend to turn rancid. Always use mineral oils. For more on how to season and maintain a wooden board, click here. Please see the following page on the best oil for wooden cutting boards

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