Best Grain Mills

Why mill your own flour? Because commercially milled flour removes the most nutritious part of the wheat kernel to extend it’s shelf-life. And the preservatives added to commercial flour arn’t good for your health either. The solution is to grind your own flour using an electric grain mill – the revelation is how delicious bread that’s been baked with home ground flour tastes.

Here are the best grain mills on the market:

NutriMill Classic Grain Mill with Mini Seed Mill

nutrimill with seed mill This mill has a 20 cup bowl capacity and can mill 20 cups in just five minutes.

It is powered with a 150W motor and the milling heads are stainless steel. You get a limited lifetime warranty with this mill

It grinds pretty finely so you won’t get chunks of wheat coming through. And you don’t need to keep this for wheat – it will grind spelt and beans too. It comes with a mini seed mill that has 1/4 cup capacity and is perfect for grinding sesame seeds.

Blendtech Grain Mill

blendtec grain mill
This grain mill has a capacity of 24 cups, which it can grind in eight minutes.

The container is transparent so you can watch as it fills, and it comes with variable setting controls. It comes with a six year limited motor warranty.

WonderMill Grain Mill

wondermill grain mill This mill has a twelve cup capacity, and they’ve cleverly designed the receiver to be separate so you can use it as a storage unit for your freshly ground flour. The milling blades are made of stainless steel.

The WonderMill used to be called the Whispermill, and it is still the quietest of the mills featured on this page (though it still makes a noise!).

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