Bamboo Kitchen Utensils

If you have non-stick pans, then you need to use nylon, wooden or bamboo spoons in order not to damage the surface, and bamboo is a better choice than wood or nylon (it’s stronger). It doesn’t split or splinter or absorb moisture (as a result it is safe to put bamboo utensils in a dishwasher).

Here are the best bamboo kitchen utensil sets available.

Lipper International 6 piece bamboo utensil set

lipper international 6 piece bamboo set In this set you get three spoons and three spatulas, with various shapes (some slotted, some solid) in a mesh bag. All the items have a hole at the end of the handle so you can hang them on a peg.

They recommend hand washing but some customers report that these spoons have made it through the dishwasher without mishap. They are perfect if you need a small but versatile set of spoons and spatulas.


Think Bamboo utensil set

think bamboo 10 piece set As you can see from the picture, you get an assortment of spoons, spatulas, and slotted spatulas. Some of the spoons are extra long (shown at the bottom of the picture) which are useful if you are cooking in deep pots, and some small ones to sit in condiment bowls.

They are coated with a food-safe mineral oil to protect them, and they are also light-weight.


Joyce Chen Bamboo 5 Piece Utensil Set

joyce chen 5 piece bamboo utensil set This set has a burnished honey color, which is created by oven-toasting the raw bamboo and then polishing. The tools are all hand-made and finished, and are safe in a dishwasher.

Here’s what you get – a 12 inch mixing spoon, a 12 inch stir-fry spatula, a paid of 11 inch tongs, a 13 inch slotted spatula and a bamboo canister to hold them in.


Properties of Bamboo

Bamboo is a renewable resource that grows very fast without requiring special nurturing (it’s part of the grass family), and is thus an environmentally friendly choice.

It is also stronger than wood – wood fibres can resist up to 5kN/cm2 but bamboo has a tensile strength of up to 40kN/cm2.

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