Baking Thermometers

If you do oven baking, you need a good baking thermometer to let you know when the middle of the bread is cooked (and to make sure you don’t over cook it and end up with dry crumbly bread).

Here are the best baking thermometers available:

Taylor Waterproof Digital Thermometer

taylor waterproof thermometer The stem of this thermometer is make from stainless steel and is five inches long. It’s easy to clean and you then store in in the pen-like sleeve taylor include, which is antibacterial.

The temperature range is from -40 up to 450F (-40 up to 250C). You simply switch it on, insert the needle into your bread, and you get a reading on the LCD display on the head within 10 seconds.

It’s powered by a watch battery and comes with a 1 year warranty.


Epica Water Resistant Pen Shape Stem Thermometer

epica waterproof thermometer This is a smart thermometer – it not only records temperatures from -58 to 392F (-50 to 200C), but it records the highest and lowest temperature during he session.

The probe is made from stainless steel. To use, just open your oven, insert the probe into whatever you are baking and you get your result displayed on the LCD screen within 5 seconds. (Note, do not leave the probe in the oven, remove it and close the oven door).

It shuts off automatically after 10 minutes of inactivity and best of all it is dishwasher safe.


Thermoworks Water-Resistant Digital Thermometer

thermoworks pocket thermometer This probe thermometer has a very thin sharp tip, designed to make as small a hole as possible when inserting into your loaf or cake.

It has a range of -40 to 302F (-40 to 150C) and produces a reading on the LCD display within 5 seconds. The battery lasts for about 4 months, so not as good as the thermometers listed above. The Thermoworks was recommended by Cooks Illustrated, who found it’s accuracy to be superior to the other probe thermometers they tested.


Some tips on taking the temperature of bread

Towards the end of the baking session, the temperature rises very fast, so if the temperature is slightly off, take it again in a few minutes, don’t leave it for more than five minutes as it’ll get too high.

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